After School Program:

We offer a wide variety of after school programmes. All programmes are taught by professionals in their field and provide our students with the chance to participate in team activities which are designed to motivate and inspire. We believe that by expressing themselves through language, sport, art and movement our students become more attentive and focused whilst nurturing their imagination. We currently offer the following after school programmes: Art and Craft, Swimming, Chinese Mandarin, Dacnercise, Taekwondo and Yoga.

Arts and Crafts

Children will discover their creative side using different textures and mediums. Whilst having lots of fun, this class helps improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.


Swimming is considered by many to be the best form of exercise and a favourite with young children! Our qualified teacher will work with swimmers to continue to foster confidence in the water, body strength and overall body awareness.

Chinese Mandarin

Becoming one of the fastest growing languages in the world, Mandarin is considered to be a very important form of communication for the next generation. Children will learn via game play and discussing fun topics. Pictures and real objects are used to retain the children’s interest and satisfy their inquisitive minds!


Dancercise is a non-competitive program combining fitness and dance moves for boys and girls. Students learn focus and teamwork through group based routines. The teacher is passionate and encourages all students to get up and shake a tail feather! This class promotes coordination through rhythmic movement and is suitable for all ages.


The ancient sport of Taekwondo will help children develop discipline, motor skills, self-confidence and an increased attention span. It also teaches respect for others which very much echoes our Montessori ethos here at RMISPP. Our teacher is part of the Cambodia Taekwondo Federation whose national team has produced national champions in this physical sport.

Yoga club

Yoga is centuries old and very much a part of Asian culture. Our yoga club is run by a professional instructor who creates an environment which is both relaxing and energetic for first time learners. Taking students through basic stances, mediation and stretches, Yoga club enforce body identification and core balance.