Upon joining RMISPP, each student is charged a one-off Enrollment Fee.

The Tuition Fees depend on whether you want to choose the full-day session or the half-day session. Fees are charged according to how you would like to pay: per Term, per Semester or per School Year. We also offer Sibling Discount and Group Discount.


Lunch is served to full day students only. It is designed with our children’s nutrition in mind consisting of the correct amount of sustenance from each food group for a healthy, balanced meal. Lunch, however, is optional so please let our team know your child will not be needed this daily meal from our kitchen. See sample menu below which is reviewed and changed every term.

Van Service

We provide a van service to all our students who live within a set zoned limit from our school. There is a charge for this door-to-door service with each additional sibling to the same drop receiving a 20% discount.