Practical Life Activities

By entering our Montessori school, children are given the opportunity to develop important life skills which will allow them greater independence in and out the classroom.

Art & Music

We encourage and nurture the creativity of each child. Everyone is an individual and through the medium of art and music can express themselves as such.

Social Activities

Regular field trips and visits from outside professionals teach children about exciting industries, traditional and non-traditional arts and personal hygiene, for example a bakery, Khmer dancing and the dentist. In-class activities include celebrating national and local holidays using real life experiences, if possible, multi-media and arts & crafts.


Essentially mathematics is about understanding relationships in the environment and being able to express them in mathematical terms. Montessori materials, like the number rods, golden beads and spindle boxes, are simple and interesting and provide step-by-step learning.

Geography, Science, Biology & Culture (otherwise known as Knowledge and Understanding Of the World)

In the Montessori classroom children use globes, terminology puzzles, maps and nature experiments to underpin activities which build their understanding of the world around them.

Language and Literacy

Montessori’s language materials are based on a carefully structured phonic approach to writing and reading. Recognised for their excellence, these are used widely in many non-Montessori schools too. The key is using word-building through movement that unlocks the key to greater learning.

Sensorial Activities

Initial learning is through the senses so we use a range of well thought out materials and exercises to help children sort, match and compare objects by shape, size, touch, taste and sound