Our Programme:

We offer a wide variety of after school programmes. All programmes are taught by professionals in their field and provide our students with the chance to participate in team activities which are designed to motivate and inspire. We believe that by expressing themselves through language, sport, art and movement our students become more attentive and focused whilst nurturing their imagination. We currently offer the following after school programmes: Art and Craft, Swimming, Chinese Mandarin, Dacnercise, Taekwondo and Yoga.

Pre-Kindergarten: (Age 1.5 – 3 Years Old)

These introductory classes teach kids about necessary skills and encourage a healthy, active lifestyle. Each child will learn to practice teamwork, cooperation, and sharing with the other children. She/he will branch out on his own, to learn independence and make new friends in a fun and loving environment.

Kindergarten 1: (Age 3 – 4 Years Old)

Children begin working more in-depth with letters and numbers and start the writing process. The pathway to abstraction begins to unfold. Children continue to explore activities that provide a creative learning experience.

Kindergarten2: (Age 4 – 5 Years Old)

With the fruition from the two levels, children develop reading and writing skills. He/ she will become confident and conscious of his/ her own knowledge.

Kindergarten3: (Age 5 – 6 Years Old)

This year the teaching and learning opportunities are based on the current strengths, interests and needs of the children. By building learning and knowledge through self-exploration and discovery, each child is encouraged in growing independent in all curriculum areas. Through discovery and exploration, the programme develops each child’s creativity through thinking and problem-solving exercises. He/ she is ready to move to the next level in a primary (elementary) school.